Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Easy Tips to Discourage Burglary! Know How to Keep Burglars Away From Your Abode

Are frightening headlines regarding regular burglaries taking away your sound night's sleep?

Thefts have largely become a common plight. As per studies, there is a burglary in the U.S. every 15 seconds! There is no wonder that you also worry about an incident happening at your place. But little would worry help you in such a situation. You must take up some effective measures to prevent any miss happening of this nature. As the saying goes:

Prevention is better than cure.

Take preventive measures to avoid such instances. For preventing your house from opportunist burglars, you need not install missiles on your rooftop! Just a few clever measures and habits will lead you to the safety lane.

Read on to deter the bad guys and boost your home security.

Fit CCTV for your home: The foremost step that you must take to ensure your complete security is to installing a security camera system. CCTV cameras scare away the intruders in the first place. Who would dare to enter when they know that everything is being filmed?

In case some over smart burglar tries to break-in, then the recorded evidence would allow the catch the thief smoothly.

Don't advertise your Away: Whenever you are away ensured that you don't make it obvious for the outsiders to know that you are not home. Sticking messages on the door regarding when will you be back or other plans is a Big NO!

Make the access harder: Burglars look for places that take less time and effort to break-in. Take note that your abode is no such place!

Use solid core or metal doors that are secured with good quality dead bolt locks. Doors that come with an internal anti-saw pin make it really hard for a thief to saw through the bolt with a hacksaw. When it comes to locking, don't neglect the windows. Know that almost 33% burglars prefer to break in through windows. Thus, locking windows should not be neglected in any case.

Prune your shrubs: Shrubs and trees serve as a potential cover for intruders. Burglars are less likely to enter a place that doesn't provide enough of a place to hide away. This doesn't mean that you need to cut away each and every tree yard, just keep it manicured! This will make even make your yard look more appealing.

Don't showboat: Recently bought a new LCD or some other expensive item? Just make sure that you don't keep the wrappings outside your place. Knowing that you have something brand spanking new will lure intruders. After all, which burglar wouldn't want to fetch large bucks with an expensive sale!
Also, avoid keeping pricey things in plain sight. If your house is stuffed with some expensive objects, keep your blinds shut.

Don't leave a spare key out: As a matter of fact, most people find it a good idea to place spare keys somewhere under a flower pot or even a doormat. But the truth is that this does more harm than benefit. In fact, it is an open invitation for a burglar to walk into your house without hesitation and take away all that he wants!

Bring these tips to practice so as to stay and feel safer!

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Surveillance Cameras - Should My Business Have One?

The simple answer to the above question is; it depends on the type of business, the amount of cash on hand to operate this business or the items being sold. You could write an article on just what types of businesses should have surveillance cameras; however, for this article I want to discuss the types of surveillance systems and cameras.

The price of these systems has come down dramatically over the years and the technology involved has increased. The cameras are capable of taking videos in color and in very low or no light conditions. These cameras can record continually or can be set so that when the burglar alarm is turned on the cameras will only record the movement. There are also outside cameras that are weather resistant and housed in weather resistant cases. The placement is also important, here you must decide what you want to view and record. These could be valuables, personnel or a combination of both.

The recording device is probably the most important part of this type of system. The standard system would consist of cameras that are connected to a recording device. This device will record the video and audio onto a hard drive. This would be a very basic recording device. The options and add-ons are endless, here are a few:

  • Multiple hard drives or recording devices
  • Ability to write the contents of the hard drives to a DVD or other removable device
  • Backup the hard drives
  • Length of time to keep a recording before overwriting it with new recordings
  • Ability to offload backups to cloud storage
  • Devices ability to handle multiple cameras at the same time
  • Ability of the recording device to locate a particular point in time and play that back
  • View a live feed of the recording on multiple monitors located throughout the building

Over the past few years the ability to control the system through the internet has become very popular. Besides controlling it you can view what your cameras are recording in real time anywhere in the world with an internet connection. So called internet cameras are becoming popular with small businesses, these cameras have a built in internet browser with their own IP address. This makes it easy to connect to that device with your smartphone or tablet.

So it comes back to the question, what are your trying to protect and how valuable are those items or personnel that need protection?

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Home Improvement - Home Security Is Extremely Important

Why are people buying home security systems for their homes?
Most home owners who have suffered break-ins in their homes never expected for such a tragedy to happen to them. Even the best neighborhoods in town are experiencing blue collar crimes more frequently.

Read the information below to see the different types of Home Security Systems you can put in your home.

Unmonitored Home Security System

This kind of system has been created to send alerts to homeowners as well as neighbors about anyone who is nearby. This type of system involves the installment of different types of motion sensors and cameras in different spots of the house. The way it works is an alarm is triggered any time an intruder tries to break through the door or window. The loud alarm will be enough to scare trouble-makers off, and alert neighbors and occupants. You do not have to invest in a watch-dog if you have these systems.

Monitored Home Security System

This type of system has been designed to safeguard homes from intrusion, all throughout the year. These systems trigger alarms at the slightest hint of intrusion and send alerts simultaneously to a central monitoring office. In the event of an attempt to trespass through the door or window, the loud sirens and the security agency will immediately notify authorities to send for help as fast as possible.

In case of an attempted intrusion, the agency first gets in touch with the home owner and asks for a password confirmation to know that the alarm was not accidentally triggered. With this type of system set up at your home, you will not have to depend on neighbors to take care of your home when you are not there. These systems alert authorities when fires and floods happen in your home as well.

Wireless Home Security System

These are very popular and do not involve any messy wires to keep the equipments connected. These kinds of systems can be installed easily. Communication is facilitated between the alarm control panel and motion sensors with the help of radio waves. When alarms are sounded, the signal is sent to the control panel from sensors. When the security agency gets the signal, they will notify the home owner to see if everything is OK.

The importance of installing home security systems at home cannot be undermined. Do enough research to find the best agencies to help you protect your home, so you can enjoy going on a vacation without any worries of having your safety compromised.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Friday, February 3, 2017

When You Should Replace Locks In Your Home

On certain occasions, you may need to replace locks on the doors of your home. However, before you take any action, you need to clarify whether you should go for lock replacement or will simple re-keying of your existing locks. Re-keying locks involve getting rid of old keys which many homeowners can do by themselves. However, security experts find it right to go for lock replacement at certain times instead of re-keying of your locks.

Malfunctioning locks: With the passage of time, door locks also fail to function properly. The key may not turn easily as it used to do or it gets stuck in the lock. A time may come when the key will not turn anymore. When the need is to repair the lock, then the only solution is to replace instead of re-key your existing locks.

Move into a new home: There's no telling on the number of copies of the key to your new home that are available. This is because copies of keys to your new home might have been given to family members, to neighbors, and to workers on extended jobs and could have got into the wrong hands. Someone who had worked previously in your home might have made a copy of your key with the plan to intrude.

The solution lies in re-keying the existing locks that will render the old copies worthless. But according to security experts, replacing the locks is the best answer when you move into a new home so that the prime element of security is new and wholly dependable.

Upgrade your existing locks: If your existing locksets are the reason for your worry, the only way to better the level of protection is buy new locks. There could be a door or doors that do not have a deadbolt. Or else, the deadbolt and strike plate in the existing locks are not as strong as they should be. One common reason to replace locks is to have stronger and reliable lockset.

Avoid the risks of bump keys and lock picking: It needs mentioning here that even the highly secured cylinder lock is open to lock picking, especially using bump keys. The keys are so cut as to let a burglar defeat any cylinder lock in a short time. A better option for a stronger lock is to have deadbolts that make it hard for burglars to pick. However, it is only keyless locks that are a foolproof way to eliminate the threat. Modern lock technology has made it possible to use fingerprint technology to open locks or else make use of pushbutton codes or remote control signal to open locks. To incorporate these cutting edge digital technologies, you need to replace your existing locks.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fire Safety - Have Two Ways Out

Plan and practice home fire drills at least twice a year. Make sure you know two ways out of each room.